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Construction Project Management Software for Education: K-12
Construction project management software for K-12 Education

Quick Intro

As a school district executive, you are probably very aware of just how expensive school construction costs. In fact, 2008 saw the greatest percentage of construction dollars spent on new buildings since 1979 with $13 billion on new schools. This doesn’t even include those dollars spent on additions to existing buildings and the retrofit and modernization of existing structures.

Now, for the first time in a long time, it is predicted that 2009 will be the year of the decline as the economy taps the strength of school district budgets. And, since school construction was one of the major line items cut from the Senate Stimulus Bill, it’s even more imperative to seek out cost saving measures where possible.

Projectmates’ construction project management software has saved organizations tens of thousands of dollars a year in the shipping of documents during the bidding process alone.

Projectmates’ construction project management software for K-12 helps school district executives recognize significant savings through features and benefits such as:

  • RFP/Bid Management - There is no need for the mailing and faxing of documents between requestor and bidders. With Projectmates, everything from the beginning to end of the project process is managed via this web-based software. You simply upload the RFP with specs, the bidder downloads and prints, and then supplies a bid in response. And, with our intuitive form routing and tracking tools, you can rest assured that the persons responsible for each step of the process are fully informed.
    • Savings: Significant cost savings recognized from fully-electronic document generation, eliminating the need for document printing and shipping costs. Additionally, you will see noteworthy time and money savings as tracking request statuses goes from manual to electronic.
  • Work-Flow ManagementJust a few of the modules in Projectmates’ online construction project management software include To Do Lists, Meeting Minutes, Schedules, Discussion Forums, and Custom Forms. This allows project executives to focus on managing projects, not paper.
    • Savings:As paperwork decreases and communication becomes clearer, this means a more efficient and effective use of personnel resources, saving both time and money.
  • Finance & BudgetOur budget module is designed to help track and manage revisions and approvals with an immediate view of the impact on project margins and profitability.
    • Savings:There will be no more surprises at the end of a project when the large number of effects that can alter a budget have already made their impact. You can manage and monitor any and all changes as they occur in order to minimize costs.


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Gray Ball 10-second Overview
  • Process automation helps regulatory compliance
  • Financial documentation and control
  • High level of security
  • Saves printing and distributing costs
  • Unmatched collabotive features
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