Collaboration and Teamwork

The world of construction has always had few constants and many variables. Delays, change orders, budget shortfalls, fluctuating owners' needs, and technological changes require constant modifications to the project. On top of that, changes in the economy add even more stress to an industry that already has its fair share of uncertainties. One would imagine that the power of teamwork would be sorely tested under the circumstances. But that's not always the case.

A recent article in Construction Executive touched on this topic. The article focused on a construction team that worked on a big medical complex that consisted of medical and scientific research centers and had many different parties — architecture firm, contractors and sub-contractors, engineering firm, project managers and the owner. Collaboration was definitely a challenge. But the team was able to overcome most of the anticipated issues by following a divide-and-conquer modus operandi. Teamwork is definitely the key to the completion of a successful construction project. The amount and quality of planning is critical as well and can take up endless man-hours.

The best way to ensure that teamwork always works is by establishing an online project management system that keeps everyone on the same page at the same time — giving them role-based access to update & store documents and project data from wherever they want. Web based construction management software systems provide the kind of visibility and flexibility that allow key players to focus on building rather than collaborating. The software does all of the work for you. A construction manager's only issue should be — how to get everyone to use it so it becomes a centralized database? Find a solution built with a user-friendly interface and your team will be highly motivated to use it.

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