Excel without Excel

Nothing is more frustrating than digging through countless spreadsheets to find answers. Where is our money going? What projects are behind schedule? Have the right people addressed this? Critical questions such as these could be extremely difficult to answer if your project data is scattered across spreadsheets.

Projectmates was made to address these issues in spades. Our software can create and distribute accurate reports based on real-time information within minutes. And because Projectmates is completely web based, your reports can be viewed from any device with an internet connection.

  • Run real-time reports with up-to-the-minute accuracy.
  • Schedule automatic email reports to anyone, at any time.
  • Evaluate program status and quickly identify at-risk and under-performing projects.
  • Track budgets, compare actual costs versus anticipated costs, and track project expenses by category.
  • Create your own reports through drag and drop functionality that requires little to no training.
  • Access these reports from anywhere, at any time, using any device with a web browser. No exceptions.

The Smarter, Easier Way to Manage Your Construction Projects.

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