When Being a People Pleaser Counts

These days, being a people pleaser tends to get a bad rap. Think about it. Who wants to be thought of as unassertive, taken advantage of, and constantly pining for approval? On the other hand, people pleasers strive to please others, tend to do more than their share, and put relationships ahead of themselves. For these reasons, I boldly and unapologetically declare myself a people pleaser.

As a people pleaser, I love telling clients when we've added a new feature or enhancement, especially when they specifically ask for it. The weeks leading up to Projectmates V14.0 (released May 23rd) were exciting and hectic all at the same time. The new Capital Planning module required many months of work, with development and Q&A wrapping up in early spring. That left a solid month+ to make more small improvements to Projectmates, adding up to a lot in terms of user satisfaction.

The desire to help our clients and improve our product is central to everything we do at Projectmates. Here at work, I'm surrounded by incredible people and can't say enough about their talent, dedication, and sacrifice. People pleasers of Projectmates unite!

I also want to pay tribute to the awesome suggestions we received from our clients. While not all encompassing, here are some of my personal favorites for Projectmates V14.0. Thank you!

  • Budget Enhancement — When exporting the budget to Excel, the column headers match the site-specific naming (enterprise clients can configure field names throughout the software).
  • More intuitive financial modules — Added "Save & Next" buttons to guide vendors and contractors when entering items like change orders and invoices. Approve tab renamed to "Start Approval" to remind users to start electronic approval process.
  • Document Manager — New control to quickly download select files. Now, users can pick and choose the files they want to mass download, download a single file by clicking the file name, or download an entire folder.
  • Bid Manager — When sending bid invitations, default settings for email content options have improved. That's one less thing for bid managers to remember.

What's your favorite enhancement for Projectmates V14.0? To find out, check out the New Features Roundup Webinar for Projectmates V14.0.

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