Three Things You Didn't Know Your Project Management Software Needs

Capital Construction Project Management and What Owners Need to Know

Construction project management software is a hot button word for many people in the industry. Often an owner will hear about all the bells and whistles for added features, yet they frequently miss the mark on distinct features that will do the most amount of good.

The following list is three crucial things all capital construction project management software solutions should have. It is not an extensive list, but merely a starting point of what to look for and why.

Let's get started.

  1. Quick Implementation

    Why should this be first? Well, like anything new, once you have selected a solution, you should be able to use it as quickly as possible. To see a return on investment quickly, the software should be up and running as soon as possible.

    • Similar to ripping off a band aid, removing the old system and applying the new as quickly as possible is essential.
    • Projectmates understands the needs to implement quickly because neither time nor capital construction projects can be paused once started. Known for a fast turnaround time in the industry, average implementations take 2-3 months. However, some implementations have been as quick as 30 days.
  2. We chose a company and had a solution that looked like it would meet all of our needs — and then we saw the implementation timeline broken up into three eight-month chunks. We had been told to expect a longer implementation but had not envisioned it going over a year. As the training started, we understood why it would take so long because they had sent a team that knew their software but nothing about our industry... We spent the first month educating them about how we did business, and then they were pulled off our project, sent to another, and we got an entirely new group to 'train' in. Now we saw why implementation would be so much time... Moreover, at our expense. This is why it became our priority on the list when we searched to replace that former software and chose Projectmates." New Projectmates Power User
  3. Single Source of Truth

    Next on the list is the truth, and how easy it is for a philosopher to muddle the water with definitions of reality. Many individuals of a project are working with documents that they consider to be a static point of truth, however, they are not the truth for the owner and often outdated.

    • If someone is using excel in the office and uploads his or her information at the same time someone else is doing the same thing, suddenly there can be two versions of the same excel file. This can be duplicated amongst many different software options that promise to be 'capital construction for owners' but fall short.
    • The important part of software being construction management software for owners is allowing each team member to use a Native Mobile App and not be constrained to the desk. Not just any app will do, you want one that will take advantage of the phones native features and capabilities. This also allows instant communication and real-time push notifications on a single file that is available to all project participants with the assigned role permissions. In addition because it is a native mobile app utilizing the cloud, all documents will be updated in real time for all team members.
  4. We had used excel for every project, and at the beginning it was manageable. Then, as we expanded, we could no longer keep pace with the information and timelines. This led to different versions of documents becoming cluttered and individuals customizing individual forms to fit their needs. At the end of the day when we needed to do a comprehensive report, it became a monster project. We needed something that was universal for everyone in the company, fit with current work procedures, and was updated in real-time. This led us to upgrade to a software solution that truly fit our needs." Projectmates Power User for five years
  5. Security

    Cybercrime is intensifying as is general computer maleficence. Some software vendors will provide software that has points of vulnerabilities discovered and not addressed. It is crucial to ask questions to ascertain what version the software is, what is done to be proactive for your information security, and how secure is the facility that will house your data.

    • Security is more than just adding a password, it is looking to future-proof the process and think critically about the future. A key component is looking at the level of security the company holds itself to. Many years ago when ActiveX was first introduced, it was hailed as a leap forward. However, as time goes on, more people see vulnerabilities that can be exploited.
  6. We used an enterprise software provider for years because so much of our data was tangled in it that changing it seemed insurmountable. That was until we had a user use an exploit to grant themselves admin rights in the software and start to change values for different aspects of the project. Tracking down the individual was extremely difficult because the support was in the form of a help forum where community members answered questions instead of the software architects, and finding whom the rogue user was took months. We knew then that we had to find a new software provider and found Projectmates." Projectmates Power User for three years

When choosing a new software vendor, there are always many questions to look at. Determining the scope to be used and best practices can seem daunting when there is a sea of suppliers who offer similar features wrapped differently.

One thing that all three points have to deal with is future-proofing software and making it easy to use. Future-proofing technology is essential to what makes Projectmates an industry leader. Increasing mobile access to project data, strengthening security, and listening to clients is what makes Projectmates stand out. For over twenty years, Projectmates has helped the forward momentum of construction technology.

Having a software that always stays up-to-date with changing market trends has always been important for us. We strive to deliver the technology of tomorrow, to you, today." Hemant Bhave, AIA, Vice President

This advice was brought to you by Projectmates in Richardson, Texas and providing capital construction management software for owners. Projectmates is the construction industry software leader offering a 100% web-based and mobile-friendly platform, enabling our clients to efficiently manage the entire building process from start to finish on behalf of owners, including developers, corporations, and institutions anywhere at any time using all devices capable of internet connectivity and display.

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