3 Ways to Streamline Cloud Based Project Management Software for Construction

How would you like to streamline your data entry and minimize risk? By using Projectmates software for your construction needs, you can increase efficiency and optimize your budget. In 2017 U.S. factory activity jumped to a three-year high, however construction spending is still flat. The need to enhance efficiency is more present than ever.

  1. Construction Scheduling Software — Projectmates construction project scheduling software provides the solution to minimize delays, optimize task delegation, and maximize project efficiency. The ability to use multiple schedules with controlled access and task management is crucial to staying on the timeline.
  2. Construction Workflow Software — The efficient administration of any project can easily require oversight of dozens or more facets at any one time. Projectmates' construction workflow management software features provide an intelligent system that automates the entire process, making tasks such as tracking requests and receiving approvals virtually effortless.
  3. Construction Project Management Dashboards — Global Dashboards depict large amounts of data graphically, providing real-time snapshots that are quick and easy to comprehend. Capture mission-critical information from multiple construction projects using bar graphs, pie charts, tables, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

By harnessing Projectmates software for capital construction, you would have the ability to quickly and easily optimize all your projects into one view with the capacity to drill down into each detail of any project.

Projectmates by Systemates, Inc. is based in Richardson Texas, providing capital construction management software for owners. Projectmates is the construction industry software leader offering a 100% web-based and mobile-friendly platform, enabling our clients to efficiently manage the entire building process from start to finish on behalf of owners, including developers, corporations, and institutions anywhere at any time using all devices capable of internet connectivity and display.

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