Need a Hand Dealing with Capital Contracts for 2017? Look towards Tech of 2020

Contract Management Software Designed for You

Contract management software should be designed using industry knowledge and best practices utilizing standards created adhering to AIA standards. How do you handle your contract management and bid buyout package? Do contracts and change orders give you a headache?

What if I said I could show you how to make those easier with purchase orders that are intuitive and updated seamlessly into your workflow and an invoice/pay application that reduced tedious data entry and frustrating typos?

Projectmates is made to be Future-Proof, and your capital construction projects are complex enough that you do not need the added headache of a software system not made directly for you.

The construction contract management feature in Projectmates offers a built-in logic and approval process to make it easy to keep contracts, purchase orders, and invoices synchronized.

It all starts with the Budget:

  • The budget is the capture all for all financial aspects of the project. Costs are automatically updated as contracts, change orders, purchase orders, and invoices are created in Projectmates and are tracked as separate columns in the budget.
  • Cost and invoice totals are also automatically calculated Key Performance Indicators, which are displayed if any potential problems arise such as commitments that are exceeding your original budget.

Followed by the Bid/Buyout Package:

  • Line items in your budget group can be selected, packaged together, and sent out for bids to various contractors.
  • After bids have been received through the Bids and Plan Room, the procurement manager can compare the bids side by side. The bid analysis grid highlights the lowest bidder for each division or section of the buyout package.

From the bid/buyout you go to Contract & Change Order:

  • Contract data can be exported into Microsoft Word format using the pre-formatted Word templates. With Microsoft Word's mail merge feature, contract data can be populated from Projectmates into your custom agreement.
  • Proposed potential change orders and change orders can be created if changes are needed to the original scope of a contract.
  • Clients can configure and track the reason codes for all change orders. Once a contract has been approved, external contractors can create Change Order Requests and Change Orders in Projectmates. With one click, the vendor starts the approval process.

Next is Purchase Orders:

  • Projectmates construction purchase order feature gives you better oversight because it allows the field to receive and record items delivered at the job site so you know the vendor has fulfilled the PO obligation.
  • Once the job is complete, buyers can also track materials returned to a vendor. Later, an invoice can be created against the purchase order.

Lastly, this is finalized with the Invoice/Pay Application:

  • Invoices can be created electronically in alignment with a contractor's or vendor's contract structure or task level billing detail. When there are approved change orders associated with a contract, they will automatically be added to the schedule of values.
  • Retainage is calculated automatically.

Projectmates web based construction management software has the capability to integrate with almost any existing ERP solution, including PeopleSoft, SAP, and Oracle. Once pay applications and invoices are approved in Projectmates, data is transferred to your AP software.

The process works seamlessly to reduce data entry mistakes and late payment fees.

The entire system is made by experts in the industry, understanding the environment, and working hand in hand with our clients to create the best software solution for you. It is time to automate your system, take a break, and smell the flowers.

Projectmates by Systemates, Inc. is based in Richardson Texas, providing capital construction management software for owners. Projectmates is the construction industry software leader offering a 100% web-based and mobile-friendly platform, enabling our clients to easily manage the entire building process from start to finish on behalf of owners, including developers, corporations, and institutions anywhere at any time using all devices capable of internet connectivity and display.

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