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What kind of construction bidding software do you use for successfully bidding out projects? If you are similar to the vast majority of entities, you may still be using a paper system. This style creates many headaches and can tie up your most productive workers trying to categorize responses into a readable format that can easily be compared with other responses.

Projectmates is revolutionary when it comes to construction bid management and integration into Owner-Focused project management software for construction. No longer do you need to have a paper submission because now everything is electronic.

The collaborative two-way bidding system means that contractors will no longer need to submit bids by hand or mail. Your team members will have the ability to create a bid solicitation and publish information in a virtual room. Bid subscribers can view and download a broad range of bid documents, and receive addendums instantly with notification.

There is a straightforward and intuitive 4-step process for creating a bid that allows you to invite bidders and manage subscribers. Your team will also have the ability to set up and publish multiple bids simultaneously.

  • Sophisticated, role-based security
  • Publish addendum instantly
  • Manage Q&A process effortlessly
  • View and download options for bid submissions
  • Convert awarded bid to contract with single click and more!

The simple leveling feature will also allow you to quickly and easily compare all the proposals that have been submitted and begin a discussion. Everyone has a separate design and function for responding to bids (creating an issue that comparing two bids is often associated with comparing apples to oranges), Projectmates allows the bid managers to quickly and easily compare multiple bids evenly, apples to apple style.

The best part of all is the Projectmates construction bidding system is designed for our clients with convenience and efficiency at the forefront making it a win-win solution for bid managers and bidders.

Take a look at what Projectmates' construction bid management software could do for you. You can schedule a live demo here, or contact us by calling 214.217.4100.

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