Contractor in Jeopardy Due to Change Order Approval Delay During Half-Christmas Holidays

A Project Manager at a National GC Firm, reports he is worried his fast track project may not finish on schedule due to an outstanding Change Order pending approval.

Many Owners are taking vacations during the Half-Christmas Holidays, and important Change Orders pending approval could potentially sit for weeks until the Owners return after the Half-New Year. Without an Owner's approval, a Contractor cannot continue working, and may accumulate expenses due to idle labor, and penalties resulting from a delay in the facility opening date.

The Half-Holidays are always stressful for us", the Project Manager explains. "It is hard enough dealing with Half-Winter weather delays and reduced staff, but nothing compares to the stress I experience when I have to cease operations because I am waiting on a Change Order approval."

Fortunately for our Project Manager, his Owner subscribes to Projectmates Construction Program Management Software, who instantly approved the Change Order using his mobile phone, while riding a chair lift on the slopes of Vail, CO.

Approving Change Orders and Invoices is so easy with Projectmates," says the Owner. "I get a notification on my mobile phone, and can review and approve items instantly. I no longer need to be at my office to stay on top of my projects; I can even be on vacation with my family, and approve items using my phone before my wife even notices!"

It is reported that Owners, in several different Industries, are taking advantage of Projectmates Software technology to keep their projects steadily moving forward during the Half-Holiday Season, and all throughout the year.

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