New Review from GetApp on Projectmates New App

A new review by GetApp has some positive things to say about the new Projectmates Construction Management App. Our app offers tools that are integral for team members who are traveling or on the field can be easily accessed from the convenience of your mobile device. This includes Document/Photo Management, Field Reports, Schedule Management, RFIs, Punch lists, Cost Tracking, and more.

In an industry where stakeholders are deployed throughout multiple locations, and often different time zones, a robust construction project management software is paramount to the success of teams and their projects. As teams are often so dispersed, the value of speedy and professional customer service when issues arise cannot be underestimated. Projectmates' high level of customer support and technical staff make the construction project management solution a stand-out for professionals in the construction industry. GetApp reviewers praise the app and its customer service team for their deft responsiveness to user issues, its frequent and relevant system updates (which often incorporate user feedback), and eliminating the need for wading through user manuals.
-- Rhiân Davies, GetApp Project Management Researcher

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