How Smart Cities Could Lead to Smart Healthcare

IoT (Internet of Things) and smart city technology have endless opportunities and applications. These smart city technological initiatives are being implemented in cities all over the world.

One of the most important goals of smart city technology is to improve the quality of life for city residents by making daily tasks easier, more efficient, and provide city leaders with data that can lead to better decision making.

One of the most substantial impacts that smart city technology can make in the world is in the healthcare industry. The various improvements could have major implications on the healthcare day-to-day operations in several different areas.

Drive Innovation and Improve Collaboration

Arguably the biggest impact that smart cities will make in the healthcare industry is drastically improving collaboration between healthcare professionals as well as innovating the healthcare facilities.

Using the same technology of smart cities, healthcare professionals can quickly communicate with colleagues and more efficiently collaborate on the best action in a patient's care. Healthcare professionals within an organization will be able to quickly access patient information as well as collaborate on the necessary actions to take.

This improved collaboration can drastically improve patient care as well as the efficiency of the healthcare organization.

Intelligent and Connected Healthcare Devices

Connectivity is one of the most important components of smart city technology but does not just apply from city to city or from one healthcare institution to another. Another substantial application is the connectivity between healthcare devices and the healthcare systems used inside the facilities.

Imagine for a second that a healthcare professional uses a smart device on a patient and the reading is automatically updated in patient records.

If a healthcare professional wants to monitor a patient over a specific time period, these devices can provide data instantly and can improve decision making and the quality of care for patients. This can improve healthcare by providing professionals with more information, faster access to that information, and increased accuracy.

This is a reality that intelligent and connected healthcare devices can bring to the very real future of smart healthcare.

Streamlined Processes Leading to Convenient Care for Patients

Intelligent and connected healthcare devices are great for improving accuracy and enhancing patient care, but how does that improve the big picture of the industry?

All the improvements that have been mentioned to this point are all to attain one goal — provide the best quality of care for patients.

Innovation, improved collaboration, and enhanced healthcare devices all streamline workflow processes and lead to more convenient care for the patients. This of course drastically improves patient satisfaction but also allows healthcare institutions to use their time and resources more efficiently to help more patients.


IoT and Smart Cities will without a doubt have a major impact on the healthcare industry. Many of the ways that these technologies will impact healthcare are the same ways that Projectmates impacts construction project management.

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The budgeting and reporting modules make sure that resources are being used efficiently so that projects are completed within the budget and on schedule.

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