The Key to Smart Construction Project Management

A major component of smart construction project management is having accurate and real-time information on the progress of the various projects. One way to monitor and manage the massive amounts of project information is to use the project dashboards feature on Projectmates' award winning construction project management software.

The traditional, overly complex and difficult to interpret reports can make the decision makers overwhelmed with too much information and make it difficult to find useful insights from the exhaustive reports.

A dashboard represents the project reports by converting the complex project information into easy-to-read charts and graphs. Because most people learn better visually, dashboards allow project management teams to interpret and retain the content much more easily.

Graphs and charts on the dashboard turn massive amounts of raw data into simple to understand snapshots for quick examination. When it comes to complex project data, the best way for people to be able to gather important takeaways is through the use of effective visuals.

Projectmates Capital Construction Management Dashboards equips project managers and executives with the right tools needed to keep precise and real-time information about their projects.

These reports provide an overview of the projects and help to make intelligent management decisions. One can measure the performance of the projects on different parameters such as Cost per Project, Change Order Amount by Reasons, RFI Top 5 Reason Codes, and many more. All these ensure that the owner is in complete control of the projects at all times.

On top of that, decision makers can easily track the progress and effortlessly locate items that need immediate action.

Global Dashboards decipher large amounts of data graphically, providing real-time snapshots that are quick and easy to comprehend. Dashboards give at-a-glance business intelligence and also help the construction management team to understand the trend of progress for the project up to the evaluation date. It becomes easy to evaluate project statuses and quickly identify at-risk and under-performing projects.

Some advantages of Dashboards are listed as follows:

  • At-a-glance Project Status: The dashboard summarizes large amounts of information in visual charts and graphs.
  • Easy Insight: It is simpler to interpret and comprehend data than to understand a bunch of numbers. Quickly make out how the projects are faring in terms of time and budget.
  • Intelligent Decision-Making: Easily recognize trends, compare the actual performance with the benchmark, and plan the next steps.
  • Efficient Team: It saves all those hours that could have been wasted in looking for a piece of information in a stack of papers.
  • Reduced Risk: Dashboards prevent projects from getting off track by helping executives to quickly identify at-risk and underperforming projects and take corrective action at the right time. This improves the overall performance of the projects.
  • Project Planning: The data captured by the dashboards can be used for trending and forecasting future projects.

Projectmates Dashboards offer all the above benefits with added flexibility:

  • Creating dashboards based on user-defined reporting criteria
  • Exporting charts to PDF, JPEG, and other formats
  • Scheduling automatic delivery of reports to the appropriate contacts via email

The Projectmates Construction Project Management Dashboard is also automated to extract data from the various modules like from cost tracking modules, hence eliminating double entry and reducing error in keying the values into the dashboard.

There are dozens of predefined reports that give executives a birds-eye view of projects so that they can keep a close tab on the status and health of their projects.

Projectmates has revolutionized the future of reporting with "Ad-hoc Reporting." It allows users to build their own custom reports with drag and drop functionality, grouping and summarizing data, and advanced filtering logic.

Projectmates Ad-hoc reporting also offers a robust, drill-down capability that enables key project managers to find out underlying reasons for underperforming projects.

Projectmates Dashboard and Reporting features are powerful tools that help manage the entire project portfolio of organizations more efficiently. They can produce a variety of reports for Construction, Workflow, Financials, Project Status, and more.

Monitoring and managing projects through these smart tools save the project management team valuable time in reviewing extensive project status reports and aids in informed decision making, reduced risks and as a result, and overall better project performance.

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