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Bring clarity to your CIP program with our full-scale capital program management software.

From Chaos to Order

Projectmates® was built from the vision of architects and city planners. We fully understand the complexity that comes with managing capital construction projects. Our suite of capital project planning software will help take uncertainty out of your CIP.

Tame Your Project Requests

We’ve created a convenient portal for external parties to submit project requests. Within Projectmates’ municipal project management software, your team will be able to set criteria to rank projects as they come in. This criterion could include environmental, economic, regulatory, or other factors. The system will auto-populate requests based on those conditions. Once approved, you can easily link a capital project to a project in Projectmates. Now you’re ready for the best part—funding.

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Faster Resource Allocation with
Our Capital Planning Module

Complete Status of All Your Funds

Projectmates’ capital project management software gives you the ability to track and manage each of your funds, grouped by the arrangement that best fit your team’s workflow. You’ll be able to track every allocation, commitment, and actual in real time. Even narrow down fund sources by phase, project, fiscal year, and more.

Foresight by Design

Projectmates allows you to map out project phases and fund allocations as far out as your CIP schedule requires. This way, you’ll be sure that implications don’t turn into complications. Our capital planning and project management software Gantt chart gives you a bird’s-eye view over time with all planned costs. There are even built in ‘what-if’ scenarios that factor in time, value of money, as well as other economic factors.

Gantt chart view of a capital construction project timeline.

Speed guide to features

Capital Construction Planning

  • Multiple Fund Source Tracking
  • Easy Fund Allocation
  • Account For Environmental & Economic Factors
  • Project Request Portal To Vet Potential Projects
  • Automated Project Ranking
  • Filter Capital Projects By Year, Type, Allocation, And More
  • Run “What-If” Escalation Scenarios

  • Forecast Planned Vs Actual Costs
  • View Commitments and Actuals As Project Executes
  • Custom Gannt Views
  • CIP Snapshots
  • Public Projects Page/Executive Summary


Managing Your Capital Improvement Program Doesn’t Have To Be A Hassle

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Hear what our clients are saying...

“The State of Idaho chose Projectmates for our owner centric capital planning construction management software to replace the Division of Public Works’ outdated financial system and provide tools for document management, scheduling, and collaboration with state agencies, design professionals, and contractors for hundreds of projects.”

Ben H.

Architect/Sr. Project Manager, State of Idaho

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