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Take the headache out of bidding construction projects with construction project management software. It's like a digital auction house for each of your projects.

Full-Scale Online Bidding Made Easy

What has traditionally been a painstaking process, bidding out construction projects can now be done effortlessly in Projectmates’ construction management software. We understand the countless hours teams have spent printing and mailing construction bid packages—not to mention all the time spent answering the same question over the same drawing over and over again. That’s why we designed an interactive two-way bidding portal for owners and vendors to easily manage the bidding process.

Interactive Bids And Plan Room​

Projectmates construction project management software provides a fully collaborative construction bidding portal. Your project team creates bid solicitation requests and publishes information to the virtual plan room. Contractors then register to view bids through a separate registration process. This subscribes them to specific bids they’re interested in, giving access to view and download bid documents. Once they are ready to submit the bid, they can easily do so in Projectmates. They’ll automatically receive addendums and other notifications, as well as access to participate in the open Q&A area.

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Paperless Bid Packages

Right from the start, bid package creation is a breeze. Projectmates’ construction bidding portal allows you to create packages directly from the project budget. Attach any drawings, spec sheets, or instructions relevant to each construction project. From the same location, invite pre-qualified bidders or create a link for self-registration.

Seamless Bid Leveling and Conversion

When it comes time to level your bids, we’ve made it quick and painless. Projectmates’ comes standard with an automated bid leveler. Our Analysis Grid breaks down each of your vendor bids side-by-side so you can quickly see the front runners. The winner will be alerted once you’ve awarded the contract. All it takes is one more click and the winning bid values populate into a contract linked to your construction financials.

Speed guide to features

Contractor Bidding and Bid Management

  • 100% digital bidding

  • Simple 4-step process

  • Collaborative 2-way platform for bidders/bid managers

  • Flexible invite only or public bidding

  • Centralized bid package management

  • Secure role-based access

  • Automate bid RFI management/routing

  • Track bidder interest/non-interest/submissions

  • Distribute bid documents/forms/specifications

  • Publish bid addenda and bid document revisions

  • Bidders can upload supporting files/documents

  • Bidders submit costs per your bid sheet

  • Automated bid leveling

  • Easily award bid and convert to contract


Revolutionize Your Construction Program With A Digital Bidding Process

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What our clients are saying...

“Projectmates does it ALL for us! When all bids are received, Projectmates presents them in a standardized format that is easy to compare apples to apples. Projectmates also analyzes every bid for me so I can make decisions much faster. Things are so much easier since we started using Projectmates!”

Jeff F.

Regional Construction Manager, Casey's General Store

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