A full-scale of construction workflow management software empowers your architects, engineers, and contractors.

Your Construction Project Management Toolbelt

We’ve designed an easy-to-use platform that your team can quickly pick up on. With Projectmates, your team will more efficiently be able to create RFI’s, submittals, punchlists, and more. Our construction workflow management software has helped thousands of projects stay on time and under budget. With detailed analytics you’ll be able to fine-tune your future construction workflows. As the owner, it’s a win-win.


Projectmates' punch-lists make it easy for your team to close out projects.
From their mobile device, your architect will be able to snap photos of any deficiencies that need to attention. They can immediately assign responsibility to the contractor and set reminders to complete. You'll be able to see a record of these items as they get knocked out. The system has built in task verification so you can rest knowing your team is on top of it.

Discussion Forums

Discussion forums are one of the simplest, most effective ways of enabling team members to trade ideas at a distance.
You can use the Projectmates discussion forum to conduct topic-based discussions. Create multiple discussion "threads" and designate for various projects or departments. It's the perfect tool for collaborative discussion between your teams.

Custom Workflows

To give you even more control, Projectmates includes one more versatile feature.
The Custom Business Process- a custom workflow creation tool. This tool gives you total freedom to create your own features. A few examples are checklists, Special Incident Report, Health and Safety forms, and more.


When it comes to construction RFI’s it’s not a question of if, but how many. How efficiently your team handles them can be a make or break for your project timeline. With Projectmates’ consruction RFI software, contractors can quickly create RFI’s from their mobile device. Email and push notifications instantly notify key players as RFI’s come through. Quickly route or close them as necessary. We built this tool for speed. You’re going to love how fast issues get resolved with Projectmates.

$ 0 K
Saved Per Project in Printing & Mailing Costs


No more shipping drawing tubes and mailing boxes. Our construction submittal software gives you a centralized place to store all project submittals electronically. Import or create standard registry items for your different submittal types. As submittals are uploaded, push notifications keep you and your team in the know. Quickly approve or reject with comments from there. With Projectmates’ consruction submittal software, shipping costs become nothing more than a rounding error.

Progress Photos ​

From breaking ground to closeout, we’ve designed a construction workflow management software where your team will be able to upload all progress photos. Include anything from site surveys, as-built conditions, installation, and more. You’ll even be able to mark-up and highlight areas on photos as necessary. Projectmates mobile gives you the power to do all of this from a mobile device. 

List of photos showing construction progress on a job site.
Cartoon person's hand with a pen writing meeting minutes.

Meeting Minutes

Our meeting minutes tool simplifies the task by keeping track of recurring topics, discussions, and accountability.  These topics can include open RFIs, safety issues, change orders, and more. Attach documents, assign follow-up tasks, and record decisions. Once published, construction meeting minutes become permanent to maintain the integrity of these historical documents.

Field Reports

We get how tedious it can be having to record reports day after day after day… It’s a cumbersome task. That’s why we’ve designed a construction workflow management software for your field team that helps take the monotony out of it. From their device they’ll be able to store photos, log equipment, personnel, and accident reports, and more. We even record the weather automatically so there’s no dispute. Once your team submits a report, it becomes part of that project’s permanent history. We’ve also included weekly field reports tool for you, your architect, or design consultant as you check on-site progress.

Speed guide to features

Construction Management
  • Seamless RFI’s Management from office to Field
  • Track Response Times KPI For Submittals/RFIs

    Built-In Accountability
  • Easily import and manage submittals using submittals register
  • Manage Shop Drawings, Testing Data, Plan Submittals and more
  • Field Reports for Architects and Project Managers
  • Daily Field Reports for Project Superintendents
  • Track Bad Weather Days, Personnel, Equipment, and Events
  • Track Punch Lists, Closeout Checklists, And Custom Checklists

  • Link Checklists To Schedules
  • Track Meeting Minutes with Task and Individual Responsibilities
  • Discussion Forum To Capture Decisions Made

  • Capture And Store Photos With Markups

  • Easily Create Custom Forms

  • Extensively Supported On Native Mobile App

Take it from our clients...

“What once took us two hours to update information on 10 projects, we can do in less than two hours for more than 55 projects. We are doing nearly four times the volume while scaling staffing less than half that.”

Barbara Y.

Manager of Construction, Love's Travel Stops

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