Data and Security

Use the advanced digital construction management system that provides the security, transparency and accountability vital to government agencies. Reduce delays and cost overruns in your construction program by using the right software.

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Data And Security

First and foremost, the security of your data is top priority for us. It's the foundation of everything we do. When you work with as many organizations as us, there's no room for error.

We leverage Microsoft PaaS (Platform as a Service) for hosting Projectmates. We offer a dedicated private cloud for our clients with a dedicated database.  This provides the highest security, speed, and reliability. With Platform as a Service, there are no servers (even virtual) to be maintained, no patches to be applied, and no vulnerabilities that come with the servers.

Microsoft’s Industry-leading Azure Data Centers are used by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Spanning a global scale in over 42 regions, Azure offers the most comprehensive compliance offerings and is recognized as the most trusted cloud environment for U.S. government institutions. Azure’s reliability, consistency and ease of use made it a simple decision over other providers such as AWS to house your Projectmates cloud.

SSL Encrypted

We recognize that our customers expect the highest security possible while working on their data in Projectmates. That’s why we provide 2048 Bit SHA-2 encryption when transmitting sensitive information, similar to banking sites.

Disaster Recovery

Projectmates features state-of-the-art disaster recovery protocols and active geo-replication to ensure that client data can never be jeopardized. The Microsoft Azure datacenters utilized by Projectmates are one of the most secure and fastest performing platforms available for enterprise systems today.

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Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

While we employ virtually every security precaution we can, there’s no 100% protection from malicious attempts to get into your accounts. From phishing to malware or even just brute force attacks, there’s no shortage of methods to obtain your data. With 2 Factor Authentication, you can be confident that your accounts will remain uncompromised. 2FA verifies that any access to your account will only be granted via a device in your possession. 

SOC 1 Type I

Our dedication to your data security knows no bounds. We have voluntarily subjected ourselves to a rigorous set of standards to be SOC 1 Type I compliant. SOC (system and organization controls) standards ensure that our organization conducts and regulates information with the highest security. Each member of our team has been vetted to meet these standards as well. 

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Configure Projects

Role-Based User Permissions

With such a large number of people that will be weaving in and out of your construction software, you need to be sure they’re only seeing what they need to see. Projectmates has fully custom access permissions for each user in the software. You have ultimate control over who sees what and when.   

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