Cut Project Delays & Finsh on Time

With Projectmates construction scheduling tools, you have access to every milestone, every contingency, every contractor, and every meeting under your purview. Create timelines in minutes while setting up tasks, targets, deadlines, and reminders. Then, team members can access their schedules from anywhere they use Projectmates online construction management software, so accountability and reminders are just a click away.

Effectively and efficient risk management is one of the leading factors contributing to growth, according to respondents of KPMG's 2013 Global Construction Survey. Delays, however, pose a significant and costly risk to the success of any construction process, an all too common problem. In fact, as the survey results reveal:

Although the engineering and construction industry has made great strides in managing risk, 77 percent of respondents report underperforming projects due primarily to delays, poor estimating and failed processes.

Projectmates construction project scheduling software provides the solution to minimize delays, optimize task delegation, and maximize project efficiency.

Multiple Schedules
Project managers can create different schedules for the different aspects of their projects, such as a design and construction. Why limit yourself to a single, massive schedule that is cumbersome to work with? Projectmates scheduling software for construction allows you to configure projects with as many schedules as necessary. General contractors can upload their own schedules to manage under your supervision, while project managers manage a separate milestone schedule. Schedules can even be kept private when they are under development, wherein access is only given to the team when the project manager is ready.

Controlled Access
Project managers easily control project schedules by determining which team members have the rights to view, change, or delete information.

Task Management
Project managers establish either one-time or recurring tasks for their team members. As the schedule changes, tasks automatically adjust themselves. Individual team members can easily track the tasks for which they are responsible by checking their "My Tasks" list.

Benefits of Using Schedule:
  • Create timelines based on information you enter about project tasks
  • Assign tasks to individuals and keep them on target
  • Alert team members of scheduling conflicts with built-in red flags
  • Allow schedules to be viewed either as calendars or Gantt charts
  • Keep distributed teams informed with online, rights-managed access
  • Import schedules from Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel, Primavera & more
  • Easily exchange information with Microsoft Excel
Construction Schedule Report

Schedule Reporting

Program reports display schedule milestones across all projects, red flagging overdue tasks so executives can focus on problem projects.

Contruction Schedule Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart

View planned versus actual dates and tasks by day, week, month, or year with this attractive Gantt chart.

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