Construction Project Workflow Management

Projectmates construction project management software come out-of-the-box with an incredible array of tools for project teams to manage every facet of a project, including RFIs, submittals, punch lists, contractor field reports, schedules, and much more.

The effective management of any project can easily require oversight of dozens or more facets at any one time. Projectmates' construction workflow management software features provide an intelligent system that automates the entire process, making tasks such as tracking requests and receiving approvals virtually effortless.

Clients will find a simple and easy-to-use web interface where requests are submitted and tracked. Email notifications are immediately sent to parties responsible for handling the requests, and actions are monitored in real-time. All guesswork as to where requests should be sent is eliminated, saving time and a lot of effort.

Built on collective industry knowledge and best practices, Projectmates cloud based construction management software tools are an integrated part of our solution. Clients can tailor the RFI workflow within Projectmates specifically to meet the needs of the organization. Depending on the rights of a project participant, a user can create, view, route, respond, close, and resubmit an RFI all within Projectmates.

When an RFI is created in the system the responsible party will be notified via email. The RFI will appear in the responsible party's Ball in Court. If the RFI becomes overdue, Projectmates will send an automatic email reminder. A log of all RFIs is kept in Projectmates with the ability to drill down and view all the details of any RFI.

Submittal is a process by which design and construction details are reviewed and approved. Contractors or other authorized team members can attach cut sheets, drawings, material safety data sheets, and other electronic files. A significant amount of money can be saved by using the electronic submittal process to review and approve shop drawings.

When a submittal is created in the system the responsible party will be notified via email. The submittal will appear in the responsible party's Ball in Court. If the Submittal becomes overdue, Projectmates will send an automatic email reminder. When a submittal is opened, the user will have the information about the origination of the submittal, the routing of submittal and the final action taken. Projectmates also allows reports to be run, printed, or emailed from within a single workflow item.

Field Reports
Project Managers, design professionals, and construction site crew can report and track the work and progress of the project using Field Reports. For field personnel, the report is broken down into 6 sections: Work Description, Weather, Manpower, Equipment, Events, and Attachments. The report may be saved for quality assurance and review before making it available for other users. Daily Field Reports can be copied from day to day and modified as needed. This is a huge time saver for the construction manager or superintendent. Reports can include digital photos, sketches, or other attachments.

Punch List
In addition to project schedules, the Action List module efficiently serves as a reminder to project participants regarding their tasks and task completion dates for tracking and completing the requirements for the punch list. Punch lists, ongoing action items, and closeout checklists can all be created and tracked separately in Projectmates construction punch list software. The tool allows you to keep track of incomplete issues, deadlines, and responsibilities. The tool also allows users with appropriate rights to verify issues marked as complete. Users assigned an action list item will receive an automatic email triggered by the system. When logging into Projectmates, the user will also see the action list item in Ball in Court. Additional communications can be triggered by the user at any point.

Meeting Minutes
Projectmates' Meeting Minutes allows you to record minutes and to assign action items. You can track due dates, status, and completed dates, as well as distribute minutes to attendees and others via automated email.

Even before a meeting occurs, Projectmates facilitates the meeting process by allowing coordinators to create meeting agendas for any scheduled meeting so that team members can see what topics are planned for the next meeting. After a meeting, if an agenda was prepared before the meeting, it can be converted into meeting minutes with the click of a button.

Discussion Forum
Discussion forums are one of the simplest, most effective ways of enabling team members to trade ideas at a distance. You can use the Projectmates discussion forum to conduct topic-based discussions among team members. Multiple discussion "threads" can be created and designated specifically for various projects or departments within a property with appropriate access rights configured.

Photo Management
Every workflow process within Projectmates supports photo attachments, including RFIs, punch lists, discussion forums, and field reports. In addition, Photo Albums are designed specifically for viewing and sharing image files. Getting pictures into Projectmates is a cinch and can be done at the jobsite on a tablet or smartphone. You can browse photos with small thumbnails to see a few at a time, create a slide show, print or email a printer-friendly album, or download originals to a local drive.

With Projectmates Annotation and Markup tools, you can quickly draw, circle, highlight, and comment on photos and drawings as you upload them into the system.

Individualized Solutions
Don't see what you need? Projectmates construction planning software also offers the ability to customize your modules using our proprietary business process creation tool. The possibilities are endless!

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Field Work Made Easy

Complete field reports, respond to RFIs, or upload progress pictures all from the convenience of a mobile device.

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Project Closeout

Collaborate with contractors via the punch list to get the job done right and on time. The punch list is just one of several features to manage project closeout.

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