Projectmates® municipal project management software provides the security, transparency, and accountability that non-civilian agencies need. Gain clarity on all aspects of your construction program in one simple-to-use software.

Custom registries for regulatory requirements

Escalation Scenarios (TVM & Inflation)

Project request & Ranking Portal

Bond & Grant Management

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Accountability By Design

We understand that government construction projects often fall under a higher level of scrutiny than others. All user activity must be verified, data secured, and access limited.

Our state-funded clients love us as these features are included in Projectmates’ municipal project management software. 

We give you clear audit trails, allow custom role-based permissions, and version control on all documents. Top-level managers have full transparency on all activity throughout your construction process.

Seamless Capital Planning

From project request to closeout, Projectmates has developed a robust capital project management software. 

You’ll have the ability to track and rank all project requests based on any environmental or economic factors necessary. Once you convert a request to a capital project, quickly fund them from any source logged in your system. 

In one capital project planning software, you’ll be able to track all project commitments and actuals in real time throughout all construction phases.

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Decrease in Overall Bid Processing Time

Bid Management Made Simple

Projectmates’ municipal project management software allows you to create digital bid packages directly from each project budget. Your project team creates bid solicitation requests and publishes information to the virtual plan room.

Contractors then view bids through a separate registration process. Bid subscribers are able to interact with and download a wide range of bid documents—saving time and money. 

Once all bids have been submitted, Projectmates will automatically break down each bid side by side. This analysis quickly shows you which vendors will be best for the project. All in a click. 

Seamless Construction Workflow

With Projectmates, your team will be able to efficiently create RFIs, submittals, punch lists, and moreOur construction workflow management software has helped dozens of municipalities with their construction projects. Detailed analytics give you the ability to fine-tune your future construction workflows.
We include tools that allow every division of your team to communicate smoothly from anywhereBetween discussion boards, mobile alerts, and the central directory, the exchange of information is seamless.
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Projectmates construction software partners with Texas Department of Information Resources and The Interlocal Purchasing System

DIR & TIPS Partnership

Projectmates partners with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) as well as The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS). Over the years, we’ve learned that purchasing enterprise software can be very painful for government agencies. These partnerships help you get past some of that procurement red tape so you can start using Projectmates’ municipal project management software much quicker.

Projectmates & DIR

Projectmates & TIPS

Trusted by government institutions for more than 20+ years.

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Take it from our clients...

“Projectmates’ user interface is intuitive, which has helped the staff get past the initial intimidation often associated with new software.”

Ben H.

Architect / Sr. Project Manager, State of Idaho

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