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As enrollment continues to rise, universities are working hard to stay ahead of the pace. We make that growth as seamless as possible with our higher education construction management software.

Helping Colleges and Universities grow Seamlessly

Our higher education construction management software empowers your construction team to keep every detail on track. Your entire construction program can be managed from one central location that is accessible from anywhere. 

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Capital planning allows you to tame your project requests, fund sources, and account for them over time.

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Robust document management with real-time collaboration, version control, and activity logs.

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Full-scale construction workflow tools so your team doesn't miss a beat.

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Closed-loop cost tracking seamlessly records every step of your financials from budgets to invoices.

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Hassle-Free Capital Planning

From project request to closeout, Projectmates® has developed a robust capital project management software. You’ll have the ability to track and rank all project requests based on your organization’s criteria.

Once you convert a request to a capital project, you can quickly fund from any source logged in your system. In one capital project planning software, you’ll be able to track all project commitments and actuals in real time over all construction phases.

Project Versatility

It doesn’t matter if you’re building on a new parking garage or a cutting-edge Tier 1 research facility. You’ll be able to manage all your projects in one construction management software.

Projectmates’ higher education construction management software has helped universities deliver thousands of projects from conception to closeout. We’ve seen it all and we speak from experience. Take a look at Projectmates to handle the expansion of your university so you can focus on educating our future leaders.

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Bid Management

Not only does Projectmates’ bid management software make your project bidding 100% digital, the entire process is centrally managed from one location

Every vendor will have access to the Bids and Plan Room where they can interact with and download bid packages, and you’ll have full transparency to see who has interacted with those documents

Your vendors will get immediate notifications of addenda issues and will have an open forum for Q&A. Once their bids have all been submitted, the leveling process is automated in the software

Construction Workflow Management

With Projectmates, your team will be able to create RFIs, submittals, punch lists, and everything else needed much more efficiently. The Projectmates’ mobile app enables them to do this from anywhere and on any device

No more gaps in communication or endless searching for records. Your university’s construction records will all be instantly logged in Projectmates. 

Admins, project managers, and the like will all be notified of these types of submissions. Automated response and approval processes in Projectmates keep operations moving forward smoothly. 

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By the time invoices start coming through, accounting is going to need that information entered in their systems. Projectmates has integrations for all major ERP systems to make it extremely easy. 

If what your university is using isn’t already compatible with our software, we’ve built a robust API to neatly transfer that data

Projectmates offers connections to Box and Dropbox, the two leading providers of file sharing services. Over 80% of Projectmates integrations are done to automate invoice payments. However, you’ll be able to use this integration for other data types as well. We’ve designed the system to fit to you.

Trusted by education institutions large and small.

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Learn how organizations just like yours are transforming their construction programs in extraordinary ways.

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“Project managers, general contractors, and others will be able to access Projectmates right on the job site through laptops, iPads, and other mobile devices.”

Jonathan L.

Director of Facilities Management Information Systems

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