Construction Program Management Software for Commercial Construction

Projectmates Construction Management Software uses online Project Management Tools to aid in the complete lifecycle development of your construction projects. While traditional tools for construction management lack critical workflow and accountability features central to the project management process, our online collaborative software improves communication and accountability. Projectmates delivers a wealth of benefits to meet the ever-changing needs of managers and their teams on commercial constructions projects.

Workflow Management

  • Automated Workflow to Accelerate Projects
  • Ball in Court Tracking
  • Email Notifications & Reminders
  • Improved Communication
  • Punch Lists & Schedules
  • RFI, Photos, & Field Reporting

Projectmates includes a wealth of feature-rich modules, including Punch Lists, Schedules, RFI, Photo Documentation, and Custom Forms. This allows project executives to focus on managing projects, not paper. A completely web-based solution, Projectmates connects team members in real-time. This way, everyone is always on the same page with little room for excuses on missed deadlines.

In commercial construction, it's a race to occupancy. In Projectmates schedules are posted, deadline dates are categorized by responsibility, and email reminders are sent about upcoming milestones so no one misses a date. This allows you to easily track tasks, handle changes, ensure compliance, and report on progress with a simple click in your web browser, smartphone, or tablet.


  • Single Source of Truth
  • Improved Field to Office Communication
  • Project Access from Anywhere, Anytime
  • Collaborate with Entire Project Team

Managing the myriad components inherent in commercial construction demands effective communication. Leveraging this web-based platform means real-time communication with team members, regardless of location—anytime, anywhere. Access critical contacts and drawings right from your smartphone.


  • Financial Approval History
  • Real-time Information
  • Ball in Court Tracking
  • Email Notifications & Reminders
  • Audit Trails
  • Role-based Security

Projectmates provides unbeatable transparency. With our web-based software, you have the ability to view every detail of a project along with the current status utilizing an at-a-glance window, forgoing the need for constant progress-checking. Team members can view drawings, documents, meeting minutes, discussions, project budgets, invoices, and many more management processes, all stored and shared in real-time. And, thanks to role-based security, you decide who views what, and can easily track access points.

I'm really excited about having a system that allows the owner, consultant and contractors all access to the same information so that correspondence or documents are not lost. Having a central hub for this information and knowing which document is the most current will greatly reduce our redundancy as well as keep us more efficient. Finally, having the ability to access the system via my Smartphone when I am in the field will be a huge asset during the construction process."
Chad Fosnight, Capital Project Manager
Salem-Keizer Transit (UDR)

There are many more benefits for commercial construction project managers to discover with Projectmates. Request additional information or arrange a LIVE demo to get a first-hand look today.

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