Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Apple

K-12 Construction

One software to effectively manage your K-12 construction projects without interfering with academics.

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Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Apple

K-12 construction

One software to effectively manage your K-12 construction projects without interfering with academics.

Expand your capacity to educate without the hassle

Juggling K-12 construction projects during your academic calendar just got easier. Projectmates allows you to successfully execute projects with minimal disruption to the classroom. Administration tracks all funding sources over time and your construction team seamlessly manages projects—all in the same construction software platform. 

One-Stop Capital Project Planning and Bond Management

Projectmates makes managing bond-funded projects easy. From project request to closeout, Projectmates’ capital project management software handles it all. 

You’ll have the ability to track and rank all project requests based on any environmental or economic factors necessary. 

From there, quickly assign funds from your list of fund sources. With Projectmates’ K-12 construction project planning, you can quickly track commitments versus actuals. Schedule capital projects as far out as you need in the system with built-in considerations for economic factors like inflation and TVM.

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Faster Resource Allocation with
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Gapless Construction Workflows

With Projectmates, your team is able to efficiently create RFIs, submittals, punch lists, and more. Dozens of schools manage their K-12 construction projects with our construction workflow management software. You have the ability to fine-tune your future construction workflows by using detailed analytics.

You’ll also have access to all the tools needed to ensure every division of your team can communicate smoothly from anywhere. Between discussion boards, mobile alerts, and the central directory, the exchange of information is seamless.

Third-Party Integrations

Whether it be OxBlue cameras or your ERP system, Projectmates has been built to adapt to any third-party software your team uses for their K-12 construction projects.

We offer data exchange models for many third-party applications. And, in most instances, data sharing takes place instantly using web services or API. It is also possible to conduct a data exchange with tried and tested technology such as SFTP batch file transfers.

Projectmates’ K-12 construction software comes standard with connections for file-sharing platforms like Box and Dropbox. But if there’s something additional needed, our robust API can accommodate.

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Cost Tracking
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Decrease in Overall Bid Processing Time

Worry-Free Project Bidding

Projectmates’ K-12 construction project bid management software allows you to create bid packages directly from each project budget. Your project team creates bid solicitation requests and publishes information to the virtual plan room.

Contractors then view bids through a separate registration process. Bid subscribers are able to interact with and download a wide range of bid documents—saving time and money. 

Once all bids have been submitted, our bidding software will automatically break down each bid side by side. This analysis quickly shows you which vendors will be best for the project. All in just a click. 

Project Scheduling

Whether you need a high-level milestone schedule or a detailed task schedule, you’ll be able to track all schedules in our K-12 construction project software. Every schedule item can be linked to your action lists in Projectmates.

We built Projectmates with schedule flexibility in mind. Even if various external teams are using auxiliary scheduling software, they can upload those into the software so everyone will be on the same page. 

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Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Cost Tracking

Invoicing Made Easy

Projectmates populates pay applications with the schedule of values stored on each contract. Once approved, the platform pushes invoices seamlessly to your ERP system. 

At the end of the day, we help your consultants and contractors get paid faster and reduce errors and omissions. With our software, clients have been able to cut down invoicing time, on average, by about 6 days

Contract and Change Management

K-12 construction projects, just like any others, are going to come with their fair share of unforeseen issues. Our construction software takes away some of the hassle and headache when change is necessary. 

As RFIs begin to come in, you’ll be able to link those to PCOs, which can then be compiled into one change order. All change orders will be linked to their respective contracts. 

With approval processes automated in Projectmates, decision makers will be notified immediately when they need to give their stamp of approval, reducing the delays often seen from approval processes. 

Speed guide to features

K-12 Construction Project Planning

  • Multiple Fund Source Tracking
  • Easy Fund Allocation
  • Account For Environmental and Economic Factors

  • Project Request Portal To Vet Potential Projects
  • Automated Project Ranking
  • Filter Capital Projects By Year, Type, Allocation, And More
  • Run “What-If” Escalation Scenarios

  • Forecast Planned Vs Actual Costs
  • View Commitments and Actuals As Project Executes
  • Custom Gannt Views

  • CIP Snapshots
  • Public Projects Page/Executive Summary

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Projectmates Reviews:

“Projectmates provides the ability to look at construction projects and existing campuses from the owner’s perspective while also having all the necessary tools for active construction project management and scheduling. All at a very competitive cost.”

E. Foster

Admin Director of Planning and Construction

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