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Your software platforms should be able to seamlessly communicate with one another, especially when it comes to your construction management software.

Data Consistency By Design

At a baseline, Projectmates is going to elevate your construction management process. But, owners know there’s an ever-evolving matrix of data tied to that process. With Projectmates, it’s not a problem. We’ve built in seamless integrations with an array of leading platforms.

Integration Made Easy

Need to get financial data to accounting? No problem. Projectmates is designed to integrate with all leading ERP systems. Whether you’re using Oracle, SAP, Lawson, or even Microsoft Dynamics, we have you covered. You’ll even be able to connect to your job-site camera systems and more.

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Data Integrity

The beauty in Projectmates’ integration is the seamless two-way flow between such a large array of platforms. The same information recorded in Projectmates is going to be the same data in your third-party system, and vice versa. You’ll be able to rest in confidence that your construction data is consistent. From when you approve invoices to when accounting cuts checks and more, your data will maintain its integrity.

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How The Gears Turn

Our team takes detailed notes on how you structure your construction data from day one. We’re going to make sure that all your data is congruent from start to finish. If you have no clue what’s going on with your data, we offer data exchange models for many third-party applications. In most instances, data sharing takes place instantly using web services or HTTP posting. It is also possible to conduct a data exchange with older technology such as SFTP file transfer. Projectmates supports a variety of formats, so it’s one less thing you have to worry about.

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Instant Integration

Projectmates offers connections to Box and Dropbox, the two leading providers of file-sharing services. These services can be used to exchange files between Projectmates and your internal ERP systems. Over 80% of Projectmates integrations are done to automate invoice payments. However, you’ll be able to use this integration for other data types as well. We’ve designed the system to fit to you.

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Projectmates API

It’s always great to have developmental resources as a part of your team. If you do, perfect. We provide a robust REST API to allow your team to pull custom sets of data without needing to make a call to us.

Our customers say...

“We have successfully implemented Projectmates on a number of projects to streamline our cost control processes. We are now using the software on projects in multiple countries around the world, with no issues with currency conversion. Benefits include: tracking system for approvals of contracts, change orders and invoices, central storage system for photos, documents, contracts, etc. and ability to integrate with accounting systems. Another benefit is the company continues to work to improve the product by actually listening to their customers!”

Michael E.

CCM, VP, A&C Project Management, Hilton Grand Vacations

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