Leadership Overview

Meet the industry leaders that have been with Projectmates from the beginning
of its inception, during its development, and through to today where it stands
as an industry-leading project management software for construction.

Department Leaders

Our leaders have built the core foundation of Projectmates and all share one
common vision: To consistently serve
and provide our clients with the best
Owner-focused Construction Program & Project Management Software.

President & Founder

Varsha Bhave | President / Chief Technology Officer

Varsha Bhave | President / Chief Technology Officer

As the CTO, Varsha has overseen the development of Projectmates from inception to the award-winning Construction Management Software it is today. With her talented team of developers, she works tirelessly to ensure that Projectmates is not only impeccably optimized and bug-free, but also in a state of constant enhancement and improvement for its user base.

Head of Development

Remya Durairasu | Software Developer

Remya Durairasu | Software Developer

As a lead developer for Projectmates, Remya works directly with the development and support team to not only fix any bugs that could arise within the software, but to make sure that any feedback from clients are heard and addressed. With every software update, Remya is a key player in all of the enhancements that Projectmates goes through.

Head of Implementation & Training

Kaely Culbertson | Director of Client Services

Kaely Culbertson, PMP | Director of Client Services

Kaely oversees the training, implementation, support, and overall client satisfaction efforts for Projectmates construction program management software. Kaely is highly experienced at onboarding clients' internal stakeholders as well as training their external partners such as vendors, architects, and contractors.

Project Manager & Client Services

Marcus Bliss, PMP | Assistant Director of Operations

Marcus is an expert in the implementation and training of Projectmates software. He works with clients from the initial kick-off meeting, gathering requirements, configuring the software, and conducting train-the-trainer sessions. Marcus also plays a major role in Projectmates sales, support and marketing efforts.

Head of Support & QA

April Wagner | Support & QA Analyst

April Wagner | Support & QA Analyst

A seasoned Projectmates veteran, April works closely with clients both new and old to ensure that the software meets each of their unique workflows and processes. She is a key voice for clients in the development cycle for Projectmates, having played a role in numerous enhancements and additions to its functionality.

Awards & Mentions

Over the years, Projectmates Construction Program Management Software
has received several awards and is recognized as an industry leader.


Projectmates is actively involved with the construction management
industry and holds the
following memberships. We support the
growth of the industry through these organizations.

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