Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Implementation


The Projectmates implementation team is the best in the industry. Their time-tested approach makes sure every instance of Projectmates is best configured for your team’s success.

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Implementation


Our implementation team is the best in the industry. They've designed a time-tested process to make sure your construction team is set up for success in the software.

The Projectmates Implementation Difference

While other construction management software can take more than a year to set up, customize and get running, Projectmates’ easy implementation process gets your team ready to manage projects in a fraction of the time.

Instant access to the platform allows you to quickly make the most out of your software investment and hands-on training ensures your core team will be Projectmates masters by the end of implementation.

< 0 Days
Typical Duration of Implementation
45 Days
Of Escalated Support Following Implementation
0 + Years
Avg. Experience for Implementation Team

Your Path to Projectmates Proficiency

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Implementation

1. Live

Welcome to Projectmates! Your private cloud and personalized portal are up and running in just a day or two after signing. You can log in as soon as your login credentials hit your inbox.  Your team can explore industry-oriented sandbox projects and familiarize yourselves with the software before jumping in to work on something more real.

2. Personalize

Right off the bat, the Projectmates implementation team will work with your organization’s key stakeholders to learn exactly what makes your construction program tick.

That insight will guide our specialists as they configure the Projectmates platform to your unique needs.

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Implementation
Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Implementation

3. Refine

Once our implementation experts have configured Projectmates to your needs, it’s time to fine-tune the experience.

You’ll run through your construction workflows from start to finish and make sure the application is performing exactly as you would expect.

Any changes that need to be made are quickly configured and at this point, your personalized Projectmates platform is ready to handle any project in your construction program — large or small.

4. Train

Now let’s get everyone up to speed.

We’ll train your core project team on how to best use each feature of the software. Projectmates training is uniquely designed for each client and is a fully immersive experience.

Additional training sessions can be scheduled to make sure everyone is comfortable and proficient in using the platform. Your project manager is also available to help work through any unique workflows you run into as you first start using the system.


As you become a Projectmates super user, you may discover new workflows that increase your construction program’s efficiency.

And while Projectmates is known for its ease of use, you may also find that some team members aren’t grasping the technology as quickly as others.

In either case, the support team is readily available to help with any questions that come up.

You should also bookmark the Projectmates Learning Center. There you can find answers to frequently asked questions as well as helpful articles covering a broad range of topics and step-by-step instructions for using Projectmates.


Revolutionize Your Construction Program With Projectmates' Implementation Process

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Projectmates Reviews:

“The implementation team was great at configuring the software to our specific use case. It’s unbelievable. Whenever I’m working with another software I’m thinking, ‘you guys need to be more like Projectmates.”

Jeff D.L.

Owner, Interscope Commercial Maintenance

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