Our implementation team is second to none in the industry. They've designed a time-tested process to make sure your construction team is set up for success in the software.

The Projectmates Implementation Difference

Other construction management software can take over a year to get you up and running. Projectmates has cut that time to 2-4 months. This puts you in the best position to quickly make the most of your investment in Projectmates. We get to work fast when you come on board. It doesn’t hurt that Projectmates is so easy to use. You can rest assured your core team will be Projectmates gurus by the end of implementation.

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Typical Duration of Implementation
45 Days
Of Escalated Support Following Implementation
0 + Years
Avg. Experience for Implementation Team

When You Join the Family

1. Kickoff & Discovery

Right off the bat, we send out one of our implementation rockstars to learn every detail of your construction process. They’ll sit down with each of your key players to learn the nuances of how you run your program. Their goal is to map out your current process in Projectmates and guide you to industry best practices. Our team will be in constant communication with yours to make sure they get it just right.

2. Proof of Concept

As our specialists detail your construction process, they’ll be designing your custom tailored Projectmates. Once they have this initial setup, we schedule a workshop with your team for fine tuning. We’ll run through the platform from start to finish to make sure it’s perfect. At this point, it will be clear to your team exactly how configurable our software is.

3. Training & Go Live

At this point, we’ll train your core team on where each of them will live in the software. Here they’ll become familiar with each feature of the software they’ll use. Our training is uniquely designed for each client. Our training is a fully immersive and interactive experience. We want to make sure that everyone can ride the bike before we take off the training wheels. If necessary, we’ll schedule additional web training with key players. It’s a lot of information to take in. That’s why we provide recordings of each training for reference. These are also helpful when on-boarding new teammates.

4. Escalated Support & Continuous Monitoring

Even after you go-live, we’ll be at the ready for any hiccups or questions that arise. We’re not going to send you up construction creek without a paddle. Periodically, your trainer will touch base to make sure everything is running according to plan. If the team is veering off course, we are happy to schedule additional training. After all, your success is our success.


Revolutionize Your Construction Program With Projectmates' Implementation Process

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Our customers say...

Implementation team was great at configuring the software to our specific use case. It’s unbelievable. Whenever I’m working with another software I’m thinking, ‘you guys need to be more like Projectmates’.

Jeff D.L.

Owner, Interscope Commercial Maintenance

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