Asset Planning
& Tracking

A seamless construction asset tracking software to tame your inventory for each project.

Easily Track Your Assets From Start To Finish

With FF&E costs accounting for such a large slice of your construction budget, we want to make sure you’re getting the most out of those assets. We’ve given you a construction asset tracking software for your team to log every piece of information on your assets. From planning and installation to inevitable replacement, you now have full transparency on what’s going on with each of your assets throughout their life cycle.

Everything You Need In One Place

Projectmates® construction asset tracking gives your construction team one central location to store all of your asset’s records. Track warranty information, manufacturer information, equipment standards, who did what when, and more.

empower Your Construction Teams
With Projectmates' Mobile App

Record every asset detail at the time of installation right from your mobile device. Store photo verification to validate those records. Our construction asset tracking software makes it easy to manage all of your assets from any device. 

Robust Yet Flexible

Projectmates construction asset tracking allows you to link each of your assets to the specific projects they’ll be assigned to. Measure your budgeted versus actual costs and easily integrate everything with your existing ERP or FM software to pass on this data.

Speed guide to features

Asset Planning & Tracking

  • Track all FF&E

  • Shipment and condition logs

  • Asset-to-project linking

  • Push to ERP or FM software and Excel export

  • Photo verification

  • Record warranty info

  • Capture manufacturer data

  • Verify equipment standards

  • Activity tracking

Take it from our clients...

“Once you get everything up and running, it is easy to track the flow of information from the beginning to end of a project. Having our contractors enter their own invoices into the system saves a ton of time. Budget tracking is clear, concise and provides much-needed financial insight into a project. Customer Service and Support are the best I’ve ever received with a software product!”

Kate P.

Systems Manager

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