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Seamlessly track each step of your financial process from budgeting to bidding all the way through contracts, change orders and invoicing. Our construction cost tracking software will slash processing times and eliminate excess costs.

One Construction Budget Software to Track All Project Costs

Sure, you could probably get by managing one or two construction projects in Excel. After all, who doesn’t love a well-designed spreadsheet? Even with the perfect spreadsheet, things are going to fall through the cracks. As change orders begin to stack up and invoices continue to roll in, that nice looking spreadsheet you had control of has become an error-ridden behemoth—and we know if you see another ‘#ref’ error you might lose it…

The reality is, you’re not just running one or two projects. Your construction program likely has dozens, if not hundreds, of them. Those small spreadsheet implications could very well lead to 7-figure complications. A patchwork of Excel sheets isn’t going to tell the full story of your construction finances. Projectmates® construction cost tracking software will track every single construction cost, contract, change order, and more for you.

The Construction Project Life Cycle

Within Projectmates’ construction budget software, all your project financial data will have a relationship. As you send out bids, receive change requests, and pay vendors, this all feeds back to your budget in real time. You’ll immediately see these anticipated costs and how they impact your construction budget. To keep construction rolling, vendors will be able to submit change requests as they need, right from their device. Don’t worry, they’ll only be able to see what you want them to. But your decision makers will see those requests come through in real time. 

Diagram showing construction project life cycle


Projectmates’ construction budget management software is a living, breathing record where you track all project costs. You’re able to break them down by groups, cost accounts, funding sources, or WBS. We’ll calculate roll-ups automatically and even flag any items that conflict with your approved budget. From your budget page, you’ll see a real-time snapshot of all anticipated, committed, and actual construction costs. Your budget will instantly reflect any changes as they come through.

Projectmates budget screen with all approved and actual costs.
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Decrease in Overall Bid Processing Time

Bid Management

Create and send out construction bid packages directly from your construction budget software. The Projectmates bidding platform allows you to manage your entire bidding process within the one platform. Easily check to see who’s interested, who submitted proposals, and then award the contract. And with the automated bid leveler, you’ll save hours of manual bid comparison.

Contract Management

The seamless process for contract creation is so easy you’ll wonder how you did it any other way. Projectmates’ construction cost tracking software allows you to quickly create contracts from your project bid packages or right from items in your budget. With one click, start the approval process. Responsible parties will be automatically notified. Approve or reject contracts from anywhere through email, web, or the Projectmates app on your mobile. Close the loop with digital signatures and your construction project is rolling.

Shaking hands over a construction contract.
Person signing a construction purchase order.

Purchase Orders

Projectmates’ construction cost tracking software also gives your team the ability to create and track POs. Once a PO is created, you can push it out to all responsible parties for digital approval. From there, your field personnel can verify delivery from any mobile device. You’ll be able to track committed costs with a dynamic link to the project budget. Any unused materials? Your team can track those in Projectmates’ budget management software once a job is done.

Change Order Management

In construction, nothing is going to go 100% as planned. Change is inevitable. And hey, we get it. That’s why we’ve built a full-scale construction cost tracking software for your engineers, architects, and GCs to better manage change. RFIs are a breeze to create and route. If your team needs to pivot, quickly create a change order. Decision makers will see the potential change reflected in the budget before approval. Once approved, your contractor is notified in real time and your team is back on track. Powerful reporting gives you the insight you need to improve future projects.

Change order for construction being stamped for approval.
Hand pulling money out of a wallet to pay a construction invoice.

Invoice & Pay Application

Projectmates helps your consultants and contractors get paid faster, plain and simple. Projectmates will auto-populate the schedule of values and retainage from the corresponding contract. The only thing your vendors have to do is submit the percent of work completed and materials stored. The system is built to safeguard you against double billing or over payment. All your team needs to do is attach any relevant documents and push it through to your ERP system.

Integration With Accounting Systems

What about accounting? Projectmates integrates with nearly every ERP system in use. We’ve made it so that you can send all financial data from Projectmates over to accounting in just a few clicks. Once they cut the checks, accounting can then easily push that information back to Projectmates. Our goal is to save you time, double entry, and headache.

Projectmates seamless integration with third party ERP systems like Oracle or SAP.

Speed guide to features

Cost Tracking

  • Full-Cycle Budget Tracking
  • Highly Customizable Approvals

  • Easy Import from Excel or From Templates

  • Track Budget vs Commitments/Change Orders vs Actuals

  • Single-click Budget to Contract Creation

  • Robust Ad-hoc report and dashboard support

  • Insightful Vendor Tracking

  • Vendor Tracking Reports

  • Automatic Retainage Tracking

  • Automatic Retainage Tracking

  • Complete Change Order Management

  • Link RFIs PCOs and Change Orders Together 

  • Specify Required Files in a Template

  • Approval Email Notifications & Reminders

  • Integrates well with 2-Way Bids & Plan Room

  • Flexible ERP Instant Integration

  • Sophisticated and Flexible Role-Based Approvals

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“The best software to manage construction jobs from start to finish! Projectmates invoice workflow cut down at least 40% of my work.”

Dawn Y.

Real Estate Construction Coordinator, Conn's Home Plus

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