Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Integration


Your software platforms should seamlessly communicate with one another — the success of your construction program depends on it.

Automate Data for Accuracy

Integration increases accuracy and confidence simply by eliminating slow, error-prone manual data transfers. For project success, ensuring your software platforms work together is critical, because non-integrated, siloed systems require manual reconciliation and updates.

Integration Made Easy

Get instant access to the information you need without jumping between systems. Whatever software you use, Projectmates can easily integrate with it and maintain your data integrity — even your legacy systems. 

Below are some of our more popular integrations.

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software: Integrations Infographic


Integration with DocuSign enables Projectmates’ clients to electronically sign contracts, purchase orders, applications for payment as well as other uploaded documents in a smooth signature workflow. The integrated workflow is flexible and configurable per document. Clients can specify signatories based on any variable and documents can be signed from any device at any time. Completed documents are automatically saved in Projectmates and can be accessed from anywhere. With DocuSign and Projectmates you gain visibility to all phases of the document cycle; streamlining the entire document signing process.
Projectmates Construction Project Management Software GIS Mapping

GIS Mapping

The GIS integration allows you to easily connect your current GIS mapping system, such as Esri ArcGIS, to your Projectmates database. Gain location intelligence, detect change, make predictions, prioritize projects, assess suitability, determine future sites, and more. Once integrated, you can use project data within Projectmates to automatically push details to your web-based mapping software to create interactive maps. 

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Bring multiple data sources together to focus on making better data-driven decisionsIntegrate your business intelligence platform with Projectmates to inform current and future projects, enhance efficiencies, help control costs, and more. The real-time, blended data turns your project information into actionable insights you can use to mitigate risks and drive profitability.*

*Microsoft Power BI, Tableau or other data visualization software is required for this integration.

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Integration

Instant Integration

Projectmates offers connections to Box and Dropbox, the two leading file-sharing providers. These services can be used to exchange files between Projectmates and your internal systems. While more than 80% of instant integrations are done to automate invoice payments, this integration can easily work for other data types as well.  

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software API

Projectmates API

The API allows bridging Projectmates and third-party applications quick and easy—and at a fraction of the cost than custom programming. No more waiting on batch reports, the Projectmates REST API provides you with instant access to information. This gives you the freedom and the ability to use Projectmates in a way that best suits your unique business needs. 

Projectmates Construction Project Management Software Integration

Ensure Data Integrity

All integration options with Projectmates provide a seamless, two-way data flow between software platforms. The same information recorded in Projectmates is going to be the same information in your third-party system, and vice versa. Your data is consistent throughout your entire construction program. 

Projectmates Reviews:

“We have successfully implemented Projectmates on a number of projects to streamline our cost control processes. We are now using the software on projects in multiple countries around the world, with no issues with currency conversion. Benefits include: tracking system for approvals of contracts, change orders and invoices, central storage system for photos, documents, contracts, etc. and ability to integrate with accounting systems. Another benefit is the company continues to work to improve the product by actually listening to their customers!”

Michael E.

CCM, VP, A&C Project Management, Hilton Grand Vacations

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