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Projectmates construction bidding software provides a simple and robust platform for construction bid managers to easily handle all their construction bids.

Manage Your Construction Bids From Front To back With Ease

Projectmates construction bidding software provides a wide array of features for the bid manager to easily configure, publish, and manage their construction project bids. Bidders will benefit from a simple UI that streamlines the process of acquiring the project’s bid set, uploading their bid documents, and submitting their bid numbers.

Bid Status and Information

Using a construction bid template, bid managers are able to meticulously configure all of the information and requirements that will be presented to bidders. This includes the project location, description, pre-bid meeting info, the project architect, and much more. The bid due date can be specified down to the minute to ensure that all bidders are aware of the precise deadline for your bids.

Bid Managers can set the Architect or others to be contacts for the bid, to ensure that when the bidders submit RFIs, the right people get automatic notifications to answer those questions.

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"Projectmates does it ALL for us! When all bids are received, Projectmates presents them in a standardized format that is easy to compare apples to apples. Projectmates also analyzes every bid for me so I can make decisions much faster. Things are so much easier since we started using Projectmates!"

Jeff F. - Regional Construction Manager

Not Just for General Contractor Bids

Does your company bid out signage work or professional services? Each project can have multiple competitive construction bids running simultaneously to procure different types of work, and is not just limited to general contractor bidding.

Seamless Collaboration with Other Tools

For Projectmates, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The Bid Manager seamlessly taps into existing tools within the software to pull critical information needed for the bid. Simply select folders within a project’s Document Management module to become the bid set.

Use the Cost Tracking module to generate the line items your bidders will be submitting numbers for, and how it correlates with your project budget and cost codes.  You can establish a consistent form for the bidders to submit their costs, ensuring that nothing gets missed.

Manage Invitations and Monitor Bidder Status

Decide which companies will be invited to bid on each project, and Projectmates will send automated emails with instructions on where to bid. You have the option to control and provide bidding companies user accounts to bid, or allow them to self-register on your dedicated construction bidding website and create their own user accounts.

A simple bid manager interface closely monitors the status of each bidder. 

Bidding on Construction Jobs Made Easy

Bidders have an easy, intuitive interface for accessing all of the information you provide them and submitting their bid accordingly. Submissions can be revised at any time prior to the bid due date, which provides your bidders more breathing room should they notice any missing documents or incorrect bid numbers.

The construction bidding website, Bids/Plan Room, is your one-stop shop for them to: 

Bid Q&A

A robust Q&A system ensures that bid Q&A can happen entirely within Projectmates, without the need for constant back-and-forth emailing. Within the bid submission interface, bidders can submit questions that you will be immediately notified of via email. Use the bid management interface to answer questions, or route them to your architect for their assistance in answering the question. The window to submit questions can be given an earlier deadline than the actual bid due date, to discourage bidders from asking questions immediately before the bid is due.

The Bid Q&A also doubles as a FAQ tool. Preloaded questions and answers can be distributed to bidders if you anticipate them being frequent subjects.

Bid Addenda

Formal bid addenda can be issued by the bid manager to extend the bid’s due date, give general instructions, and provide download links for new or revised bid documents. Bidders must open and acknowledge your addenda before they can submit a new bid.

Analyze and Award

With just a click, you can generate a bid analysis sheet that puts each bidder’s numbers side-by-side for easy comparison.  Use this bid analysis to see which bidders have the lowest submission per category, the lowest bid overall, and compare them against your own internal estimates. Once you are ready to award a bidder, Projectmates can send automated emails to notify the winner and non-winners.

The awarded bidder’s submission can be seamlessly converted into a new contract, with their bid numbers becoming the schedule of values of the contract. From there, the bidder can be formally added to the project and begin their work for your team.

Projectmates construction bidding software is designed to remove complexity and make bidding efficient and easy.

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