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As enrollment continues to rise, institutions are working hard to stay ahead of the pace. We make that growth as seamless as possible with our higher education program management software.

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Capital planning allows you to tame your project requests, fund sources, and account for them over time.

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Robust document management with real-time collaboration, version control, and activity logs.

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Full-scale construction workflow tools so your team doesn't miss a beat.

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Closed loop cost tracking to seamlessly record every step of your financials from budgets to invoices.


Maintaining facilities is a labor on its own. But managing your construction projects… that’s like differential calculus in grade school. Let Projectmates’ facilities project management software be your tutor and turn on the light for your construction program. We designed our platform to be as easy as 2+2, but robust enough to handle everything from tracking capital projects to automating approvals. You’ll be able to record all fund sources, commitments vs actuals, and map corresponding projects over time. Projectmates’ construction management software does just about everything except your homework.
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Higher Ed

Now that we’re in college we’re completely mature adults. Right? Well, we still need to make sure each project budget matches the right bid packages, contracts, and invoices. Not to mention the influx of RFI’s and change orders that we know are en route. Don’t worry. We make all this as easy as syllabus day. Our construction cost tracking software and construction management tools empower your team to keep the ball rolling and on track. Manage your entire construction program from one central location that you can access from anywhere. It’s like having the answer key before midterms.

Projects From A-Z

It doesn’t matter if you’re building on a new rec center for the greatest field day ever or a cutting edge Tier 1 research facility. You’ll be able to manage all your projects in one facilities project management software. Projectmates’ construction management software has helped institutions deliver thousands of projects from conception to closeout. We’ve seen it all and we speak from experience. Let Projectmates handle your construction program so you can focus on educating our future leaders.
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Projectmates construction software partners with Texas Department of Information Resources and The Interlocal Purchasing System

DIR & TIPS Partnership

Projectmates partners with the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) as well as the The Interlocal Purchasing System (TIPS). Over the years, we’ve learned what a pain it can be for government agencies to make purchases. We wanted to get past some of that red tape for you so it’ll be that much easier to start using Projectmates.

Trusted by education institutions large & small.

What our clients are saying...

“Projectmates eliminated other tools and programs that were highly inefficient and labor intensive. We definitely could not have done it without the support and partnership from the Projectmates team.”

Jonathan L.

Director of Facilities Management Information Systems

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